Yoshito Kiyono
Harmonica Player, Composer
SEYDEL’s official harmonica endorser

Coming from a blues background, Yoshito Kiyono experimented with improv and electro sounds. He has been based in Paris since 2005. Active in the Parisian blues and Afro-music scenes, he collaborated in a number of European festivals with Hilaire Penda, Kiala, Lil’ Joe Barton and more…

Yoshito formed the Celtic-blues band Harmonica Creams in Japan, and went on to win the first prize at the Spanish Celtic music Festival “Festival de Ortigueira” in July 2012. In doing so, they made history by being the first-ever winner from outside of the Celtic cultural sphere. With such a modest instrument as the harmonica, he has created a unique sound that blends afro, blues and celtic influences, and has received accolades across genres.

Playing harmonica for Oriza Hirata’s theater piece and for Nao Tsuda’s photo exhibition, among others, has brought Yoshito Kiyono to be an active music director for dance, theater and fashion.

Today he is the first official endorser from Asia for the German traditional harmonica maker SEYDEL.

清野 美土

15歳でハモニカをはじめる。2005年、文化庁の新進芸術家海外派遣制度で「舞台音楽の創作」をテーマに渡仏しサーカス学校に入学。以後、パリを拠点にダニー・マッドキャット(米)、イレール・ペンダ (カメルーン)など様々なミュージシャンのプロジェクトに加わり欧州各地のブルース、ジャズフェスティバル等に出演し、作曲・演奏家として研鑽を積む。

2008年、リーダーバンドとなる”ハモニカクリームズ”を立ち上げ、ケルト音楽とブルースの融合をテーマにスペインの国際ケルトコンクール (Festival de Ortigueira ’12)で優勝を獲得。同グループはこれまでに5作の全曲オリジナルアルバムを全国発売し、4度の欧州ツアー(’13, ’14年後援/東京アーツカウンシル、’14年 国際交流基金)と日本国内ツアーも定期的に行っている。

日本ではJIROKICHI主催イベント「生聞2014」 (吾妻光良、サンコンjr.他)への出演や、manakumari、仙波清彦、中村達也らと共演。また振付家 / 白神ももこ演出のダンス公演「カナガワ/リ・古典プロジェクト」や、越後妻有「大地の芸術祭’15」で滞在型楽曲制作をするなどアートシーンにも関わりを持つ。
(独)ハモニカメーカー「SEYDEL (サイドル)」のオフィシャル・エンドーザー。


■ awards
– Carnaval Tropical de Paris:’07, ’08 2times winner of the “Best Choreography” prize (France)
– Festival de Ortigueira:’12 first prize of the “Lunas Project” (Spain)

■ Harmonica Cream’s CD albums /as the harmonica player, composer
’11 /Analyse de toucher (It was chosen as “one of the 10 best albums” in the world music magazine “Latina”.)
’12 /in + out = sea (i-Tunes world best seller in the categorie “Blues Country”)
’13 /tokyo live smokin’ (It has been featured in numerous Spanish, French and Japanese radio and magazines.)
’16 /Futura Ancient Alchemy
’18 /stereotype

■ collaborators

・ Hilaire Penda / basse
ex : John Mclaughlin, John Scofield, Salif Keita, William ’Bootsy’ Collins

・ Kiala (sing, guitar) / ex : Fela Kuti

・Danny ”MUDCAT” Dudeck (sing, guitar) / ex:Pine top Perkins, Frank Edwards
・Lil’ Joe Barton (trombone) / ex : B.B.King
・Mike Rodbard (sing, drums) / ex:Lonnie Brooks, Billy Branch
・Boney Fields (sing, trumpet) / ex : Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Junior Wells, Albert Collins, Luther Alison

・Oriza Hirata (playwright, theatre director, japanese cabinet advisor, company Seinendan)
・Nao Tsuda (photographer, recipient of New Comer Prize of the Minister of Education Prize)
・Makoto Yano (composer, arranger, pianist, producer)
/ ex: Akiko Yano, Yosui Inoue, Haruomi Hosono, Tamio Okuda, Sunny day Service, The Boom
and more…


■ video